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Melinda Kushner

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a quick introduction...

Melinda is an Evidential Spiritual Medium that specializes in spiritual and psychic connectivity, mentorship, and is a life coach. With the knowledge she’s gained from over 25 years of professional Mediumship experience, she wants to create a world with a better understanding and connection with spirits and self. Connect with friends and family that have passed away, get a psychic reading to see your future as it’s currently laid out, coach you on how to connect to spirits yourself, show you meditation techniques to help evolve your own soul, and so much more!

A Few Popular services

Spiritual Readings

Connect with spirits that have passed on from this world.

Reconnecting with loved ones that have passed can be a very emotional experience. Spiritual readings give you the chance to connect again and learn the truth about acceptance and love. Private and group readings available by appointment.

Pyschic Readings

An in-depth pyschic reading to see what the future has in store.

Getting answers to some of life’s toughest questions can help you grow as a person and in spirit. Psychic readings give you a chance to see the future of your current life’s path, and with free will, allows you to change your future to achieve your goals. 


Learn how to develop your mediumship abilities with Melinda.

Study under Melinda to uncover your spiritual abilities and develop your mind, body, and soul. Learn successful techniques, practice and discussions with other aspiring mediums on your same journey, and so much more. 


Melinda does many mediumship and psychic events on her own, as well as organizes large events for some of the top spiritualist mediums in the industry such as; Paul Jacobs, Mavis Patilla, James Van Praagh, and many more. Tickets sell out fast! Visit her events page to see her upcoming events near you.

“Remembering that we all are supposed to have compassion, understanding, and love for others. My promise to the Spirit world is and always will be to help others understand their grief, and to provide evidence that their loved ones live on. No parent should have to endure their child’s death. I will always bring back the love parents and children share with my readings at the lowest possible cost.”

Helping Parents Heal

Testimonials & Reviews

“One of the greatest and most experienced mediums I’ve ever worked with. There are a lot of fake mediums out there but Melinda understands the how to make a real connection with spirits and convey this with her clients.”
Paul Jacobs
Paul Jacobs
“I started working with Melinda early on in her Journey. She came to Arthur Findlay as a student and stood out to me as a medium that has a strong natural ability and proper mindset.”
Mavis Pattilla
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