Helping Parents Heal

We have partnered with the amazing organization, Helping Parents Heal to provide relief and assistance to grieving parents in need of help. Through free spiritual readings, workshops, and numerous other information and resources, Melinda has committed her efforts to aid in the recovery process. No parent should endure the pain alone. We’ve created this page to help get you started on your journey to healing yourself and get a better understanding of connecting with spirit and self. Our prayers are always with you ♥

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Free Readings

20 years ago Melinda made a promise to the spirit world that she would help parents connect with their children in spirit, free of charge. Today she’s done thousands of readings at no charge for the Helping Parents Heal Organization and continues to partner with them to work with parents going through the grieving process. If you’re a parent that has lost their child and want to inquire about getting a free reading please send us an email from our contact page or use the chat bubble at the bottom to send a message on Facebook. 

Learning and Workshops

Workshops provide an in-depth experience into connecting with your inner self and spirit.  Have a question about mediumship or the spirit world. Why does God let bad things happen? We’ve created resources that give you a better understanding of life and our journey through it. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 


Resources and Help

No parent should deal with the loss of their child by themselves. We’ve put together a list of resources that will help you in your healing process.