Interview on “We Don’t Die” Radio

Melinda talks about the spirit world and the knowledge you can learn from within. She also discusses mediumship, life after death, what happens when we pass away, and more!

Live with Lisa Phoenix

Tune in to our new Video show “Live with Lisa Phoenix” at 4PM PST today.

Posted by LA Talk Radio on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Paul Jacobs and Melinda on the LA Talk Radio show

Melinda and Paul Jacobs on the LA Talk Radio show with Lisa Phoenix. How to become a medium, what is mediumship and what it truly means to be a medium.

Melinda Hosting a Group Reading

Melinda conducts a group reading for a group of about 45 people. She does many readings but one stands out in particular. Watch as she connects with someone that is related to a famous celebrity from the past.

Melinda on Lisa Tarves Radio

Melinda discusses mediumship with Lisa Tarves. Listen as she does live psychic readings for callers on Lisa’s spiritual radio network.

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