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Remembering that we all are supposed to have compassion, understanding, and love for others. My promise to the Spirit world is and always will be to help others understand their grief and to provide evidence that their loved ones live on. No parent should have to endure their child’s death. I will always bring back the love parents and children share my readings at the lowest possible cost. If you are a parent that has lost their child and would like to receive a reading from Melinda, please visit her Facebook page and send her a message. Alternatively, the purple chat box at the bottom of your screen is linked to Facebook Messenger and you can request a reading through that.

Per request, we’ve added a donation button to make things easier. It helps Melinda continue to do readings for other parents that have and will go through tremendous tragedies.

* Want to know what takes place in a private reading? Read more…

*We are currently updating the process for booking appointments, to make it easier for everyone. If you want to schedule an appointment please visit Melinda’s Facebook page and send her a message or use the purple chat box at the bottom of your screen and log into Facebook through there. 

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1 review for Donations Made Easy

  1. Debby Palmer

    I saw you, Melinda, on a video for Helping Parents Heal. You are very loving and compassionate. I saw that you offer a free reading. I have 4 daughters, and one passed 6 months ago. When she left, my heart left with her. I am devastated. I miss her beyond any words.
    Thank you for helping us mothers who are in such extreme pain.

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