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Private readings include spiritual and psychic connections. After purchase, you will be contacted by email or phone to schedule your preferred reading date and time. Contact time may depend on reading backorders.

Reconnecting with loved ones that have passed can be a very emotional experience. Spiritual readings give you the chance to connect again and learn the truth about acceptance and love. In your one hour spiritual reading, Melinda will connect with your family member or close friend that has crossed over to the other side and convey the message they wish to share with you.

Being an evidential medium, the process starts with confirmation and identity of the presence of the spirit; male, female, age, how they passed, etc. Once it’s established who you’re connecting with, she will convey the message they want to share with you. The message isn’t what Melinda has to say, she is the medium between you and the spirit and only shares what they tell her. In all private readings and public demonstrations, she seeks to give the highest evidence possible that your loved ones are still with you and very much alive in the Spirit World.

Psychic Readings give you an opportunity to see how your future plays out given the current circumstances. See what the future holds for your love life, career, financial status and more. You have the power to change the future. Nothing is set in stone. But it doesn’t hurt to see how your energy presents itself through time and see if that is the path you want to continue going down, or maybe even how you could improve it.

Audio and video recording is not permitted but note taking is strongly suggested. If you have any further questions regarding the reading please contact us.

Phone and Skype sessions available only.
Due to the high volume of readings, there is no specific timeframe set. Your reading will be scheduled in the order of when they are purchased.

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4 reviews for Private Readings

  1. Linda Masucci

    Would like to sign up for a private phone reading,Tracy Sousa recommended you.

  2. Jacqueline S Whelihan

    Melinda is amazing. I have had 2 readings with her. She helped me to connect with my son, who passed away. She was able to convey his message and deliver it in a way that was so authentic and it undeniably my son. His personality and sense of humor came through in the reading. She is amazing. I was skeptical at first, but I am a believer now! The second reading had been scheduled for several months. My father in law passed away unexpectedly a few days before the reading. We thought it would be nice to include my mother in law. Melinda connected with my father in law instantly. He had so much to say to mother in law. She found it incredibly comforting. I love Melinda! She really is incredible!

  3. Robin Sandler

    My husband and I recently had a reading together with Melinda. Not only is she warm and compassionate, but her messages were spot on! (In fact, a couple of things I didn’t know about, were confirmed by family members later)! I would highly recommend her, in fact, I already have to several friends! ???

  4. Terri P

    As a parent who has had a child pass to the spirit world, I have met many psychics and mediums over the past few years. I was blessed to meet Melinda a couple of years ago, and she became my mentor, teacher, and friend. She works with the highest integrity, and is truly one of the best evidential mediums I have ever seen. She has helped me to heal and grow, giving me the greater understanding of God and the spirit world, what pur true purpose is, and the gift of a continued relationship with my beautiful daughter, Sheridan. Having attended a workshop with her and Paul Jacobs, I can tell you that the level of mediumship she and Paul teach is life-changing. I can’t recommend her bighly enough. So very grateful!

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