With over 25 years of professional experience in mediumship, Melinda has done spiritual and psychic readings for countless clients to help them discover their true purpose in life. Connecting with loved ones that have passed on, learning what your future has in store, helping to heal pain from this world, teaching people how to intuitively blend their mind and soul to uncover what will truly make them happy in life.

Spiritual Reading to connect with someone that has passed away

Spiritual Readings

Reconnecting with loved ones that have passed can be a very emotional experience. A private reading can give you the chance to connect with a loved one that has crossed over to the other side.

Psychic Readings

Have you ever wondered what lies in your future? A psychic reading can uncover secrets about your love life, career, money, and much more. The future can be seen but isn’t set in stone. Find out if you need to consider changing courses in your life’s path.

Psychic Readings - Mediumship - Spiritual Development
Becoming a medium and dealing with stress in everyday life

Mentorship & Development

Develop your psychic and mediumship abilities for yourself. Learn mediumship, spirituality, connecting and meditation technique and so much more. Developing your own mediumship abilities and learning how to connect with spirit is the ultimate peacefulness in life. Discover who you are, set and achieve life goals, get help dealing with death and moving forward.