Paul Jacobs

“One of the greatest and most experienced mediums I’ve ever worked with. There are a lot of fake mediums out there but Melinda understands the how to make a real connection with spirits and convey this with her clients.”

Sarah Evans

“I’ve had several readings recently and tried out a few different Mediums. By far Melinda is my favorite! She was able to connect and convey things other Mediums weren’t. I will no longer use any other medium besides her.”

Tracy S.

“My reading with Melinda was incredibly accurate, evidential, and very healing.  The details she shared from my beloved son, Aymen, were fine details that no one could have known.”

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    “There was nothing in her reading that was not accurate or that I did not understand. After our reading I read over my notes and I was highly impressed on how precise her messages were and it gave me such a sense of comfort. I know for certain it was Aymen speaking through Melinda. I felt Aymen’s personality, charm, kindness, humor and most of all love for me, throughout the reading.

    Melinda not only shared messages for me from Aymen, she brought messages through for his fiancé, father, sisters, friends and even described how he felt during his Celebration of Life Ceremony….Wow! She made some things much clearer for me that I had a hard time understanding.

    Melinda also brought my mother through – who is suffering with Alzheimers and between both worlds. She told me exact details that I witness with my mother and this was also such a blessing understanding how this disease is affecting her. As her caregiver this helped tremendously. Also, knowing Aymen is with her and helping her, gave me such peace.

    Melinda donates her readings to parents who have had children transition. What a generous compassionate heart! I would highly recommend Melinda. She is not only an amazing evidential medium she is an amazing person!”

Elizabeth B.

“Melinda Kushner is a truly gifted psychic medium. She is compassionate, wise and uplifting and her direct connection with our loved ones who have transitioned is evident.”

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    “Melinda takes the time to be sure that all of our questions are answered and is instrumental in bringing about healing. She is on her psychic journey for only one reason-to help others heal. I feel very privileged to know her and to have had a reading from her. I highly recommend Melinda to anyone who seeks to connect with his or her loved ones in spirit.”

Zoe K.

I had a wonderful reading with Melinda Kushner this morning. She’s the real thing–authentic, talented and honest.

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    “She was able to accurately describe the members of my family, their personalities and challenges, and specific incidents in our relationships. She connected me strongly to my daughter, bringing through evidence of her final days and transition, and information on what she’s doing now, all very much in character with the girl I raised and loved. The reading gave me a great sense of comfort and peace. Melinda is extremely generous in that she does not charge for readings with parents of bereaved children, and I was lucky to get a spot with her. She is calm, compassionate, and easygoing, and utterly without ego. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Many thanks to Irene Vouvalides and Elizabeth Boisson for facilitating our connection.”

Diana P.

“When we first went to Melinda for a reading we weren’t sure what to expect. We lost our daughter in 2016 and needed answers. It was a beautiful experience that we will never forget.”

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    “It has made grieving a little easier. During our reading Melinda pointed that I too have a gift. From that day on she has taken me under her wing and taught me so much and for that am truly grateful. She isn’t an easy teacher (rightfully so), but I understand how delicate this subject is. She has so much respect for the Spirit World as well as for the physical world so she tries to instill that into her students. She is a blessing and am glad that she has this gift and is willing to share it.”

Jennifer L. V.

“Hi, my name is Jennifer V.  Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Spiritual Question and Answer Forum being filmed for a documentary in Norco, Ca.”

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    “I knew there would be two renown mediums who would take questions and give much needed answers. Also there would be a drawing for two free readings that night.Melinda Kushner and Paul Jacobs are both renown Spiritual Mediums and they were taking questions and enlightening us about the spiritual world. One thing they had said which stood out to me was that the soul leaves the body at the same time as death occurs, so there is never any pain in death. Overall it was so interesting.Afterwards, we got to meet Melinda and Paul and they were both so warm and comforting. Melinda offered a reading to me and my friend at a later date and we were both thrilled.Yesterday, March 14th, was such an amazing day!! Melinda Kushner sat down with me and it was like a phone call from heaven. My handsome son came through right away with his big smile and silly personality. He even made Melinda laugh.I have always believed and always knew I would see my loved ones again. I lost my dad in 1985 and my mom in 1998. My son passed in 2016. My heart was broken. I needed and wanted validation, even though I knew he was with me.One thing I had prayed for was that he was with my mom and dad. Melinda validated that for me in such detail. It took my breath away. I left there with a feeling of fulfillment. Does it still hurt? Of course it does and always will, we’ve lost a child. But now I know my son is truly watching over his family and is always near. He’s at peace. I am so grateful.”

Alba K.

Melinda began the reading by saying “this is what I knows from spirit”. I felt a change within the frame of her statement, I knew Jonathan just then as he connected with us.

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    “I wanted to record the reading but I couldn’t get my recorder to work so I threw it on my bed.She was on the mark with Jonathan’s messages as she and I communicated half way thru, my recorder began playing my “Haunted Village music” (I used to set up an elaborate haunting village every season). Jonathan loved Halloween. We also love the magical season….strangely cozy and yet a sense of longing.Melinda, told me Jonathan loves children, he had an adventurous young life with his friends. Unfortunately his friends all passed away in a horrific car wreck. Jonathan spends time with them now beyond the VEIL. Melinda tells me Jonathan helps those who have passed from accidental suicide or intention suicide; he guides them thru dreams. Mostly he is happy and he watches over us.I know in her, I found a kindred sister…”

Recommended Provider

Melinda Kushner Spiritual Medium on Helping Parents Heal http://www.helpingparents heal.org/


“100% satisfied with Melinda as my mentor. So thankful for someone like Melinda to guide me in my development. I love that she allows us to find the answers within ourselves instead of molding us into somebody she thinks we should be. She genuinely cares for her mentee’s. She’s our biggest fan and will always root for us. Her knowledge and most of all her compassion for the spirit world is admirable. I highly recommend Melinda.”